Our Story

We work hard to create amazing products just for YOU!

At Froetry, our mission is to encourage people across the globe to embrace their natural tresses. We accomplish this mission by providing quality natural hair care knowledge and affordable products that enhance the beauty of curls and make maintenance easier.

By the People, For the People!

Founded in 2016, Froetry has grown because of supporters like you. As a Black woman-owned business, we recognize that where we are is no small feat and your continued support helps us to keep helping others! We will continue to provide income opportunities and information about hair and skin care to people in our communities. It's not just about hair, but most importantly about the lifting up of the community as a whole. 

Our annual skin/hair care workshop for young girls in the DMV area pushes forward our mission of helping people to see the beauty in the delicacy and uniqueness of afro-textured hair. 

Courtney Grayton, CEO